A Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE®) brings the knowledge and expertise of a solid understanding of the connection between Divorce, Family law and real estate strategies as they relate to the disposition of real property.

Having a CDRE®, on your professional divorce team, to represent the interest of divorcing homeowners can provide the following benefits:

➢ Neutral, Unbiased Representation – A CDRE® is trained to provide both homeowners neutral, unbiased, representation throughout the transaction and to mediate disputes between the divorcing couple, regarding the real property. Because most Realtors® are not trained as a neutral, or they come into the transaction with a bias, due to a previous relationship with one or both of the homeowners, hiring the neighborhood Realtor®, or a Realtor® who is a family friend, can make it nearly impossible for both parties to receive neutral, unbiased, representation when conflict invariability arises during the sale.

➢ More Effective Communication – A CDRE® is trained to support the divorcing couple and maintain open lines of communication among all parties (homeowners, attorneys, court)throughout the transaction, which can prevent the real estate transaction from stalling out or taking months to complete. This special skill can mean the difference between getting a property sold quickly, for top dollar, and having a failed sale and/or having to start over with a different Realtor®. Just because a divorcing couple is in agreement on things today, doesn’t mean things will stay that way throughout the sale. Invariability, conflicts occur… and having a CDRE® who is trained to resolve conflicts quickly, in a sensitive manner, and to navigate through the intersection between the legal, emotional and real estate processes that are happening simultaneously, can make the difference between success and failure when selling the house during divorce.

➢ Reduced Legal Fees – A CDRE® knows how to handle all issues related to the property in order to free up the attorney so they can focus on the big picture. Understanding the legal process, including when, how, and if to involve the attorney and the court can help keep legal fees to a minimum.

➢ Expert Testimony – A CDRE® can testify as an expert witness, write reports, and systematically document events to submit to the court with proper foundation and credible testimony, if necessary, to help ensure the sales process does not stall out or fail.

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