Divorce Real Estate

As a member of the Divorce Real Estate Institute (DREI), our goal is to transform the collaboration of real estate and family law professionals, such that every divorcing couple is ensured the best possible outcome when untangling the legal, financial, and emotional ties to their house.

Members of DREI have been uniquely equipped to serve couples going through a divorce.  We are trained to:

  • Mediate real property disputes between the divorcing couple
  • Interpret and explain real estate related documentation and contracts
  • Understand the legal process of a divorce – including when, how, and if to involve an attorney and the court
  • Handle all issues related to the property to save money and free up attorney time and allow them to focus on other aspects of the case
  • Support the divorcing couple and maintain open lines of communication among all parties throughout the transaction
  • Navigate the legal, emotional and real estate processes that are happening simultaneously

We offer a complimentary and confidential consultation to help you determine your best option related to the house in a divorce situation. Complete the “Get in Touch” form on this page to schedule your consultation.